Human trafficking is NOT OK. In 2011, 3Strands Global Foundation began providing human trafficking awareness programs to high schools, colleges, corporations, community and faith-based organizations across the U.S. to increase awareness and support prevention efforts. In 2015, two nonprofits and 3Strands Global Foundation, the California Department of Education, the Office of the Attorney General, TipNow and the Institute for Social Research joined together in the fight against human trafficking to create PROTECT, PRevention Organization To Educate Children on Trafficking.

The joint mission is to reduce the vulnerability of children by identifying and prevention human trafficking using a standardized trauma informed education curriculum and systematic delivery methodology. The launch of PROTECT was made possible by a seed grant from Rural County Representatives of California. Because of this grant, PROTECT will be delivered to the rural counties in a systematic way until all 35 rural counties have been able to opt in to the PROTECT program. The PROTECT program has been priced for each county and will roll out as funding becomes available.

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In counties that have not yet received funding, 3Strands Global Foundation can offer 3SGF – PROTECT which provides an onsite volunteer trained educator in the classroom. The delivery of this program raises awareness about human trafficking and an helps students understand and recognize human trafficking to create a generation less susceptible to victimization. It is important to relay the message to teens and young adults about how to prevent becoming a victim of human trafficking. We need to talk about this issue because it is real and happening right here in our communities.

3SGF – PROTECT provides the following:

  • One-day, multiple period/class format or as an assembly, conducted by a 3Strands Global Foundation Educator
  • Program designed to push the students to examine and analyze human trafficking with which the majority have little familiarity, supplemented with the real-life example of a trafficking victim
  • Subject matter that includes warning signs, dangers, hope, and action being taken to eradicate human trafficking

Educators are fun, engaging, informative, empathetic, and effective with the teen audience and cover real-life scenarios that will resonate with every student. Through education and awareness, young people recognize they have a voice and the power to abolish human trafficking.

3Strands Global Foundation has had the privilege of educating tens of thousands of students in middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

Planning Your School Awareness Event

3Strands Global Foundation will assist a student body team, along with faculty members, to organize and host an event to bring awareness to students regarding human trafficking. Awareness events are typically hosted after school on a Friday, or all day Saturday.

Community Education Program

3Strands Global Foundation has educated more than 13,000 adults through community groups, clubs, public events and professional contexts. Human trafficking awareness among adults is critical as those who participate in our training become equipped to identify, report, and intervene on behalf of men, women, and children who are potential victims of human trafficking.



It's NOT OK. You can DO SOMETHING today to combat human trafficking.