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Break Free Run an initiative in spreading awareness of human trafficking

Break Free Run

Details on '22 coming soon...

Two brothers signed up to run the 5K and were excited to participate. About halfway through, the younger brother got tired and said he couldn't run any further. The older brother then put him on his back, grabbed his jacket, and took off to finish the race. He ran about a mile and a half with his brother on his back, and they crossed the finish line together. 

Playful Kids
Runners in Black

All proceeds from the Break Free Run support our Employ + Empower program, you can learn more about our efforts here.

Walk or run from anywhere in the world or join us in Folsom, CA. Whatever you do, know that joining the Break Free Run is taking us one step closer to a world free from human trafficking. This is our vision, that is the future...will you be a part of it?

Folsom, CA & Virtual

Why We Run

Break Free Run awareness campaign for human trafficking.
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