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"We know that many of us, myself included are feeling very healthy and because of that, it can be really tempting to go about your normal routine, interacting with others in-person, going out for dinners, whatever it may be. But in a unique time such as this, it is not just about our own health, but the health of those in our communities; especially, the most vulnerable among us.


We know that many of the survivors and at-risk individuals that we work with are among the most vulnerable. The virus has limited their access to opportunities for employment, and therefore they are lacking necessary and essential items. They need your help. During this time when all seems out of control, you can control your impact on another person's life. We are asking that you help us by donating e-gift cards for staple items.


We will continue to push out more information and resources, and keep all of you up to date. As my grandmother would say, this too shall pass, and we at 3SGF are foundationally grounded in hope. Hope is our cornerstone. We remain hopeful and optimistic that this too shall pass. Please be conscious of and kind to others during this time. Thank you for your support."

-Ashlie Bryant, CEO of 3Strands Global Foundation

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