Human Trafficking Prevention Training
& Education

In 2015, California experienced the nation’s highest number of reported occurences of human trafficking, with one-third of trafficked individuals being minors. That same year, three anti trafficking nonprofits came together to develop and launch PROTECT, an education program designed to reduce human trafficking and exploitation in communities. Today PROTECT is run by 3Strands Global Foundation and offered in 6 states: California, Utah, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia, while expanding into others. 

Founding Partners

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60,000+ adults

have received PROTECT Prevention Education, to date.

est.500,000+ students

have received PROTECT Prevention Education, to date.

15,000+ testimonials

over 15,000 testimonials and stories of PROTECT's impact have been gathered, to date.

Through a trauma-informed approach, educators are trained to identify physical signs and behaviors that could be indicative of a student being victimized. Educators are also equipped with the resources needed to report cases of human trafficking and connect victims with the proper professionals.

Training for School Staff

PROTECT’s goal is to prevent the crime before it starts. Through PROTECT curriculum delivered by trained educators, students are taught to identify abusive tactics and signs of exploitation both online and in person, helping to keep themselves and others safe.

Do you wish to see PROTECT training and curriculum implemented in your school or district? Learn more about advocating for implementation by clicking below.

Student Curriculum

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Through in-person sessions, the PROTECT online growth platform, and live webinars, we provide parents, guardians, caregivers, and other community members with human trafficking prevention training and resources to help keep their kids protected. 

Resources for Parents, Gaurdians, & Caregivers

We customize human trafficking prevention training for industry professionals.  This includes those in the medical field, law enforcement, wireless industry, and more. These customized trainings are fine-tuned to fit the industry requesting. They include education on recognizing signs of human trafficking and also equip individuals to properly report.

If you are interested in partnering to develop a custom prevention training, please contact us at the link below.

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Customized Prevention Training

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We know that we cannot eradicate human trafficking alone, and our goal is to reach as many individuals as possible. For that reason, we have sought connections domestically and internationally who can deliver PROTECT training and curriculum.

Interested in becoming a licensed facilitator? We'd love to chat. 

Licensed Facilitation