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3Strands Global Foundation Employment program


what is it?

For years, survivors have told us that the most important thing we can do is to help them get a job. Employment allows them to transition to self-sufficiency and establishes a sense of self-worth. To a survivor, a job is the first step in pursuing a future of his or her own choosing, empowering him or her to create a new life, free from exploitation.

3Strands Global protects survivors and those who are most vulnerable in the Sacramento Region (transitional aged-foster youth and homeless youth) from exploitation by placing them in sustainable, trauma-informed jobs with employers who understand their unique needs. We also refer them to the behavioral health services and other resources they need to succeed. 

3SGF employment program helps survivors get a job.
3Strands statistics of the impact made in getting employment of survivors



300+ served

Over 300 survivors and at-risk individuals have received direct services in the Sacramento Region.

55+ agencies

3Strands Global Foundation collaborates with over 55 agencies to provide services and facilitate employment.

3SGF a world free from human trafficking. Donate today  to spread education about human trafficking

Real stories of impact

"Sasha's* story illustrates the success of this program: a 19-year old - homeless youth, Sasha had no family support around her, no work experience and no safe to go. Every day she was at risk. 3SGF found Sasha and worked with her to increase her employability. After months of coaching, training and support,  she got her first job. She now earns enough money to rent an apartment, and has received the "Employee of the Quarter" and a promotion! Every day she is stepping closer to her dreams.


At-risk youth story

what you

can do

Volunteering is a great way to support our programs. There are many different volunteer opportunities, apply today.

Share 3Strands Global with your digital family by starting a Facebook fundraiser. These funds go directly to our programs and help spread the word about our work.

The best way to sustain your impact and our programs is to donate monthly. This allows us to plan for the future and increase the reach of our impact.

employment partners

PRIDE our employment partner 3SGF
Human Trafficking Prevention Programs
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