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Become (one).

Here's the harsh reality: ⁠

Anyone can be a trafficker and anyone can be trafficked.⁠

We know that there is no universal profile of a perpetrator and that people of all races, genders, ages, and life stages are exploited. ⁠

But wait, there is some good news. Any (one) can be a proponent of freedom. Any (one) can use their voice to amplify the right to a life rid of exploitation. ⁠

Any (one) person can be a force for change, and when a group of (one)s come together, collective impact is made.⁠

Become (one) by signing up today as a monthly donor. ⁠

3Strands global foundation learn more about human trafficking and how you can make change by donating

You can change a life.

Join a growing community of unique people that are making the choice to stand against trafficking every month or give once and create a unique impact.

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looking to donate with a crypto currency? Use the link below.

What Dollar Can Do


educates 4 students on how to protect themselves from exploitation


connects a survivor or at-risk individual with basic necessities and job application & interview assistance


trains 1 teacher and provides them with PROTECT curriculum and community resources

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