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If you are here, it is likely because you received the email from us and Maggy about this month's campaign. We have received $50,000 in matching funds for the month of July to support our prevention programs. Our goal is to raise $100,000, at the time the email was sent to you, we were just $15,000 from our goal. Every dollar counts and in July every dollar up to $50,000 is doubled! 


Donate $50 or more to receive a copy of her new book, "Taking Down Backpage: Fighting the World's Largest Sex Trafficker."

"A memoir, a legal thriller, and a heartening perspective on law enforcement at its best and brightest..."

- Kirkus

Will you join us in creating a world FREE from human trafficking?


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Maggie Krell and Ashlie Bryant

Why Maggy Cares

10 years ago I was sitting in the DOJ Cafeteria with Ashlie Bryant, CEO of 3Strands Global Foundation (3SGF). My job was to prosecute traffickers–and help the survivors find justice and healing.  I charged the case against the owners of Backpage because I wanted to disrupt the system–the seamless flow of vulnerable young people into a brutal life of violence and exploitation enabled through a website. 


When I spoke with Ashlie she described another system–a prevention system where children would grow up with the tools to protect themselves and each other from being exploited.


3SGF is a non-profit organization that is near and dear to my heart. Over the last decade I have witnessed the growth and power of this organization, which provides human trafficking prevention education and training, career training and placement for survivors, and so much more. 


It solidified that everyone has a role to play in ending human trafficking. 

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