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Statement from 3Strands Global Foundation on Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom Statement

3Strands Global Foundation (3SGF), a non-profit organization working to combat human trafficking through prevention, education and reintegration programs, is grateful for the heightened awareness and dialogue around human trafficking that has been sparked by the film 'Sound of Freedom.' Seeing so many people take an interest in learning about this critical issue is encouraging. Awareness is indeed the first step toward addressing human trafficking locally and globally.

It’s important to note that awareness alone is not enough. While this film draws from real events, it is a work of fiction that presents the facts from one character's perspective. And while the film introduces viewers to certain aspects of human trafficking, it is important to understand that this horrific crime happens in many ways.

For this reason, we work hard to amplify the real voices, needs, and experiences of survivors and those we serve through our programs. We want to underscore that to fully understand and effectively combat this injustice, hearing from and considering the perspectives of those that have experienced human trafficking is paramount. It is important that we not sensationalize statistics or experiences as part of this movement.

Together, we can move from awareness to action, from understanding to prevention, and from support to solution.

Here are five suggestions of ways that you can get involved today:

Save the National Human Trafficking Hotline to your phone right now: 1-888-373-7888

Listen to stories told by those that have experienced human trafficking:

Educate yourself on the myths and misconceptions and as well as our prevention education and reintegration programming.

Donate to support nonprofits that are already involved in this movement. Right now, 3SGF has a matching donation of $20,000 which would double your impact:

Sign up to volunteer:

Education is the first step toward empowerment. By equipping youth and adults with knowledge and skills, we protect and fortify our schools and communities against this heinous crime. When we understand the risks and signs of human trafficking, we can better prevent it.

We believe that together we can take incredible strides toward making a positive difference. Join us in this critical fight, and let's create a world FREE from human trafficking.

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