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Human Trafficking Awareness Month and beyond

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

This past month was Human Trafficking Awareness month, an opportunity for us to increase the number of individuals aware of the realities of human trafficking. We highlighted stories of hope from the survivors and at-risk individuals in our Employment program, we shared messages of optimism from teachers that have received PROTECT Prevention Education, from our Education Program, we engaged with and inspired people from all of the US to stand with us, as Ashlie and other members of our team were traveling to speaking and teaching events. We know that we have moved the dial in the right direction. But, as you have heard us say so many times in the past, there is so much more work to be done. And we want to share with you what is coming next...

As we move from February into March, we are nearing My Freedom Day (March 11), a global event that was started by the CNN Freedom Project, to shine a light on modern-day slavery. This is an event that we are very familiar with. In 2018, we launched our collaboration with the CNN Freedom Project, where individuals can go to learn more about the forms, signs, and tactics of trafficking, as well as, review age-specific teaching materials (excerpts from our PROTECT Prevention Education program). We have recently re-designed our entire website, including the Freedom Project page, which now includes an interactive quiz, for users to get a better understanding of their knowledge on the issues.

This year, we aim to push more than 2,000 new individuals to the Freedom Project page. You will soon start to see posts from our team with the hashtag #MyFreedomDay and a quote about 'what makes them feel most free'. This is the campaign that CNN is pushing to shine a light on the many people that have yet to experience this feeling of freedom, of being able to dream for themselves and their futures.

We believe one of the most important things that we can do to change this, is to raise awareness, to start creating a tidal wave of engaged and informed individuals that know the signs, know how to report and are willing to take a stand against human trafficking.

As a member of our Monthly Donor Program, you are empowering us to make these ambitious goals and dreams a reality. We are giving you a look behind the curtain, what we have done, what we are going to do and why we are doing it.

What do we ask of you?

Stay engaged. Follow us online, comment and share our posts. And encourage friends to join this program.

This is what funds our programs and staff.

We need more people just like you.

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