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Thinking on the past week

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

As last week came to a close, I could not help but think about a few quotes that my grandma used to often share with me:

  • “Ashlie, life will have many challenges as you grow up. Your responsibility, and what will show your true character, is how you react to those challenges.”

  • “You are valued, you are strong, and you are kind.”

  • “This too shall pass.”

As a child, I listened intently as my grandma shared these quotes, trying to unpack them in my life. She was famous for allowing me to wrestle and develop a personal understanding of what each meant to me without giving her opinion. As I have grown, I have thought about these quotes often, pulling them to mind after a hard day, or after disappointment. This past week was a week to think about these quotes and have deep conversations with my kids around equity, diversity, inclusion, and LOVE. We are still talking, unpacking, and sharing as I guess you are too. These are uncertain times with a lot of emotion, and I remind myself: it is okay to be emotional. My hope is that wherever you are today, you will feel valued, strong, and know kindness; that together we will know that tomorrow the sun will rise, and another day will come to pass. I am grateful for each of you and am committed to focusing on hope in 2021 as we continue our work at 3Strands Global Foundation. Thank you for your support, love, and commitment to our work.

With gratitude, Ashlie

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