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Human Trafficking Prevention Education & Training

College Students

We empower people of all ages to recognize, respond to, and report all forms of violence and teach them about the available resources to support them through their journey.


PROTECT offers an age-appropriate curriculum for students (K-12), training and protocol resources for school staff, and a way to measure the impact in every community. 


The program, managed by 3Strands Global Foundation, is currently implemented in six states - California, Utah, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, and Georgia - and continues to expand.

111,000+ adults

have received PROTECT Prevention Education, to date.

est.776,000+ students

have received PROTECT Prevention Education, to date.

32,000+ testimonials

over 32,000 testimonials and stories of PROTECT's impact have been gathered, to date.

Training for School Staff

Through a trauma-informed approach, participants are trained to identify physical signs and behaviors that could indicate a student is being victimized. They are also equipped with the resources needed to report cases of human trafficking and connect victims with the proper professionals.

Student Curriculum

PROTECT’s goal is to prevent the crime before it starts. Through PROTECT curriculum delivered by trained educators, students are taught to identify abusive tactics and signs of exploitation both online and in person, helping to keep themselves and others safe.

Do you wish to see PROTECT training and curriculum implemented in your school or district? Learn more about advocating for implementation by clicking below.

Student Curriculum in training and education of human trafficking
Young Couple Expecting

Resources for Parents & Caregivers

Through in-person sessions, the PROTECT online growth platform, and live webinars, we provide parents, guardians, caregivers, and other community members with human trafficking prevention training and resources to help keep their kids protected. 

PROTECT Affiliate Program

PROTECT Affiliates introduce potential new clients to a representative of 3Strands Global Foundation’s PROTECT Program. We train those within the affiliate program to confidently speak on what makes PROTECT competitive in the marketplace and answer preliminary questions. 


In appreciation for the introduction to a potential new client, once the Affiliate Agreement has been signed and the first payment has been submitted, a PROTECT Affiliate will receive 3% of the client’s total subscription.

Smiling Teacher
Young Teacher

Licensed Facilitation

We know that we cannot eradicate human trafficking alone, and our goal is to reach as many individuals as possible. For that reason, we have sought connections domestically and internationally who can deliver PROTECT training and curriculum.

From a Teacher

“As a father, teacher, and coach, I have spent most of my adult life surrounded by kids. Until this training, I had never really thought about human trafficking and the effects it can have on kids. Yes, I was aware of the problem, but to be honest, I never realized it was such a big issue. Looking back, I feel confident that I didn't miss any of the warning signs from former students or athletes. Going through the training has opened my eyes and provided tools and resources I can use to better identify the telltale signs. l know the connections that I make with students will help me to better identify and assist them.”

From a Licensee

"I am very concerned about the prevalence of human trafficking in my community. There is more trafficking going on in our immediate area than people realize. Children do not always realize they are being trafficked

or abused until they are educated and realize that the things we are talking about aligning with their daily lives. Through this education, I am confident that I can recognize the signs that someone is being trafficked and can provide

resources and help so that they can get out of the situation that they are in."

From a Teacher

"I've learned that anyone can play a role in stopping human trafficking. Though most of the information was shocking to hear, it was very informative in stopping human trafficking. There were a few key takes, such as learning to change the phrasing of your words and even family can be a source of the problem.  We must allow the student to express what happened to them versus asking them why it happened. By knowing who our students are, we should be able to put these tools into practice and prevent any human trafficking. We are a team and we must be able to help one another out in all types of situations."

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