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Junte-se a nossa equipe

Acreditamos em um mundo livre de tráfico humano. 

Protegemos e capacitamos - não apenas as comunidades que atendemos, mas também as de nossa equipe. 

Trabalhamos juntos, estrategicamente e com paixão.

Volunteer Coordinator

This position, Volunteer Coordinator reports to the Event Coordinator and is responsible for overseeing volunteer and outreach activities within the organization. Their duties include recruiting, training, managing, placing and sustaining volunteers in different roles based on their qualifications. This role maintains updated records on all volunteers as well as works closely with local businesses and other organizations to connect and maintain a strong volunteer-base. The V.C. participates in planning, organizing, and staffing the agency’s annual fundraising and outreach events with volunteers. This position should know how to distinguish talent and do everything possible to motivate and inspire. Excellent organizational skills and ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences is required. The goal is to ensure that our organization is always staffed with the best and most reliable individuals, and that they are correctly trained and utilized for the fulfillment of our mission.
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