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Please note: this training will take approximately 30 minutes and needs to be completed in one-sitting. Please plan accordingly.

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Before continuing to the training videos, please complete this quick survey.

Q1. I feel confident that I can accurately describe human trafficking as an issue.

Q3. Based on your knowledge of the issue, do you think you have seen signs of human trafficking in your community?

Q2. I know how to contact the Human Trafficking Hotline.

Q4. If you are uncertain about whether a minor is involved in human trafficking, would you report their suspected involvement to child welfare, law enforcement, or the human trafficking hotline?

Q5. Would you argue there is one designated or specific profile of a perpetrator (a buyer or trafficker)?


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About the Training

The RAN (Recognize And Notify) Training and Certification course is brought to you by TATE (Telecommunications Against Trafficking and Exploitation) and aims to equip professionals in various areas of the field with the necessary tools to recognize signs of human trafficking and notify proper law enforcement and hotline teams.


Will you do your part to help end exploitation?

You have already completed the pre survey. Your honest reflection on your own knowledge and understanding of human trafficking before and after interacting with this training allows us to measure success and appropriately adjust what we provide to the community. You will need to plan to complete this entire training in one sitting; it should take around 30 minutes. Please watch the videos below all the way through (you won't be able to advance), complete the post survey, and then complete the certification quiz. You will need to score 70% or more on the quiz in order to receive your RAN Certificate.

About This Video

We’d know if human trafficking was happening in our communities, wouldn’t we? Maybe not. The scary truth is that it happens right in front of our eyes, but without knowing what to look for, we can’t help stop it. That’s why it’s known as the crime that hides in plain sight. It can happen anywhere to anyone. In this video, we’ll learn about the issue of human trafficking and talk about what we’ll cover in later training videos.