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telecommunications against trafficking and exploitation 3Strands



3Strands 全球基金会 (3SGF) 通过预防教育和重返社会计划动员社区打击人口贩运。十多年来,我们与人口贩运幸存者、遭受创伤的个人以及其他弱势群体密切合作。这为我们提供了关于创伤在工作场所的影响以及了解创伤的重要性的独特而宝贵的观点。

自 2016 年以来,3SGF 一直与幸存者和企业合作,打造可持续的、了解创伤的工作场所环境。我们亲眼目睹了支持性工作环境如何培养坚定的员工。


This 30-minute training program provides industry-specific education on key indicators of human trafficking that can be observed while on the job, and is designed to raise awareness about the various forms of exploitation, such as forced labor, sex trafficking and child exploitation. The RAN training also provides detailed reporting steps to notify the proper authorities in a timely and effective manner to ensure a prompt response.

Communication Tower

Together, we can harness the power of a vigilant workforce dedicated to making an impact for good and create a safer world for everyone.


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3Strands TATE program telecommunications against trafficking and exploitation.
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Join us in this human trafficking prevention effort as a program sponsor by reaching out to or by clicking here to learn more.

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