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Giving Detais
Ashlie Bryant

One Foot in Front of the Other, Together.
- Ashlie Bryant

我们已经培养了超过 738,000 名学生——比整个西雅图市还要多;我们已经在我们的 Employ + Empower 计划中为超过 693 人提供服务,产生了超过 697,000 美元的工资;我们已经通过我们的参与努力动员了超过 100,000 人。 


More ways to give

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We currently accept bitcoin, ETH, Doge, & a number of other currencies.

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Donate cars, boats, stocks, you name it. Anything can make a difference.

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Start a Facebook fundraiser and invite your friends to increase their impact.

secure donation through paypal

Donate using your Paypal account, making donating as easy as buying anything online!

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Donate with your existing Venmo account, you can find us at @ThreeStrandsGlobal

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Donate using the Cash App by Square, use your existing balance or connect to your account.

If you are interested in giving by other means, for example Stocks and Securities, Donor Advised Funds, Points and Miles Donations, Planned Giving, Employer matching, IRA's, sponsoring an event or any other form of giving, please contact our Director of Fund Development, Kala Clark at

Consult your brokerage for their stock donation forms and instructions. Gifts can be directed to 3Strands Global Foundation:

Wells Fargo Advisors

EIN #27-4594317

Account #35314491

DTS #0141

3SGF Contact: Kala Clark,

Education the community for a better tomorrow.

10 美元

教育 4 名学生如何保护自己免受剥削

3Strands Global Foundation donate now for a world free from human trafficking

50 美元


Teacher smiling

75 美元

培训 1 名教师并为他们提供保护和社区资源







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