Our Story

On May 25, 2010, a group of world-shakers founded the Break Free Run in response to a tragic event. One evening, while spending time with her friends in the suburbs of Northern California, a young girl was taken from a shopping center parking lot. Friends and family took immediate action, contacting local and state authorities, however, she was trafficked for eight days before she was recovered.

Some months later, Ashlie asked her, "Where could we have been to prevent this from happening?" She responded with, "In school. If I had learned about what human trafficking was and the tactics that traffickers use, I would have known how to protect myself." This would later spark the creation of the PROTECT Prevention Education program, which has gone on to educate over est. 500,000 students.

In December of 2014, Break Free would evolve into 3Strands Global Foundation, an organization that aims to see a world FREE from human trafficking. Over years of working in this field, the 3SGF team recognized that there needed to be more resources available to survivors and those at-risk in order to empower and reintegrate them. With this in mind, 3SGF launched the Employ + Empower reintegration program. Since 2016, 3SGF has facilitated the employment of 300+ survivors and at-risk individuals in the Sacramento Region. 

As a not-for-profit organization, 3SGF recognized they needed to create a reliable and sustainable source of income in order to further their programs and impact. With this, Ashlie and the team partnered with organizations all over the globe that are providing opportunities for empowerment through employment. These organizations make products that 3SGF purchases and resells in order to increase awareness and provide a sustainable source of revenue for their programs.


We mobilize communities to combat human trafficking through prevention education and reintegration programs. 


A world FREE from

human trafficking.



Prevention Changes Everything.