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PROTECT is an adaptable skill-building human trafficking prevention education program designed for school communities. Created by education experts and lived experience advisors, we understand that building a safe and informed community starts with empowering individuals of all ages. Through engaging and interactive sessions, PROTECT teaches schools to recognize and respond safely to various forms of violence, including the complex issue of human trafficking. Our goal is to equip everyone with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate prevention and intervention with confidence and resilience.

In a Meeting

TRUE Program

TRUE is a 30-minute online education program dedicated to providing professionals with a profound understanding of trauma and its far-reaching impact on individuals' lives. We recognize that the effects of trauma extend beyond personal well-being to influence mental, emotional, social, and professional health. Join us on the journey to transform workplaces into compassionate and trauma-informed environments.

Family and Social Worker

BRAVE Program

BRAVE is an empowering 8-part online education program meticulously crafted to arm direct service providers and nonprofits with the essential tools and resources needed to serve vulnerable populations with a trauma-informed approach. We understand that navigating the complexities of trauma requires courage and expertise, and BRAVE is here to guide providers on this transformative journey.

Telecommunication professionals of human trafficking

TATE Program

TATE emerged as a groundbreaking initiative, recognizing the influential role of telecommunications professionals in combating human trafficking.  Through this online education program, we not only teach but empower professionals to be agents of change. Upon completing the 30-minute course, telecommunications professionals achieve RAN (Recognize, Assess, Notify) certification.

Youth Club Meeting

CARE Program

CARE extends a virtual hand to all parents, caregivers, and guardians seeking a reflective space to gauge their understanding of human trafficking in America, stay abreast of today's trends, and apply newfound knowledge in their day-to-day lives. Knowledge, we believe, forms the cornerstone of protecting children and teens from the shadows of human trafficking. Reflect, Learn, Protect — Because Every Guardian Plays a Vital Role.

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