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PROTECT is a powerful prevention education program with an age-appropriate K-12 curriculum for students, training and protocol resources for school staff, and a way to measure the impact in every community. PROTECT empowers communities to work together to stay safe through engaging lessons that include safety, personal boundaries, abuse, human trafficking, and ways to identify and report any potential harm. The PROTECT Program emphasizes a clear focus on prevention education with the ultimate goal being to prevent the crime before it happens. 

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TRUE Training

The TRUE (Trauma Response & Understanding for Employers) training, developed by 3Strands Global Foundation, provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of trauma and its impact on various aspects of an individual's life, including their mental, emotional, social, and professional health. The training also focuses on equipping employers and workplaces with the knowledge and skills to recognize trauma and implement trauma-informed practices to support their employees. The course consists of four interactive video lessons that delve into different aspects of trauma and trauma-informed practices. 

Family and Social Worker

BRAVE Training

BRAVE is designed to equip direct service providers and nonprofits with tools and resources to serve vulnerable populations in a trauma-informed manner. When providers are BRAVE-trained they are better equipped to meet the unique needs of those they serve in a safe and respectful manner. Individuals receiving services from trained, trauma-informed survivor advocates are more likely to engage in support services. This increases the chance of their safety and long-lasting well-being.

Family Picnic

Community Training

Community Training provides insights and information about human trafficking, a crime that hides in plain sight.


We believe prevention changes everything. Prevention means a child continues on a path of safety and health. It also means that a survivor of human trafficking is shielded from further exploitation. 


Raising awareness of human trafficking is of utmost importance. After completing this training, you will have a better understanding of what the crime looks like in your community, as well as the tools needed to take safe steps to prevent it.

Telecommunication professionals of human trafficking

TATE Training

As telecommunications professionals, we have a distinct vantage point to end human trafficking in the communities we serve. Human trafficking happens in every state in the United States. As we travel on the road and in hotels, we have an opportunity to recognize the exploitation that might be happening. TATE aims to educate telecommunications professionals on how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and equip them with the knowledge of whom to notify when they encounter suspicious activities. After completing this training telecom professionals will be RAN certified.

Youth Club Meeting

Juvenile Justice Training

Positive Youth Development is an intentional, prosocial approach that engages youth within their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups, and families in a manner that is productive and constructive; recognizes, utilizes, and enhances young people’s strengths; and promotes positive outcomes for young people by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and furnishing the support needed to build on their leadership strengths. After completing this training juvenile justice advocates and employees will understand how to build positive youth development in their department.

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