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What is it?

Beginning in 2010, by Presidential Proclamation, each January has been designated Human Trafficking Awareness Month and Human Trafficking Awareness Day is January 11th. The point of this month is very much in-line with one of the foundational elements of 3Strands Global Foundation, that is to increase the awareness on human trafficking and mobilize communities to stand up against it. 

Young Teacher


Learn more about human trafficking, the tactics, forms and signs. You can do so with our Community Training portal, an engaging way to get educated on the issue and solutions. To get the latest updates, join our newsletter.

Working Together on Project


Share stories and encourage your family, friends and co-workers to become more engaged. You an do this by following us on social media and joining our newsletter. Our voices carry weight, even if they are only on a digital platform. Use your platform to share more about this issue and how we can create a world FREE from it.



The reality is that this is heinous and massive crime. In order for us to continue our efforts in Educating, Empowering, and Engaging, we need to be able to fund these efforts. You can help sustain our collective impact, by becoming a monthly donor. Every single dollar makes a difference. If you believe in it.


educates 4 students on how to protect themselves from exploitation



connects individuals with basic necessities, and job application & interview assistance

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trains 1 teacher and provides them with PROTECT & community resources

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